Twitter Updates for 2011-01-27

  • Air Jordan 2011 announcement video here #
  • Show me a driver's seat that's bolt upright and close to the wheel and I'll show you a bad driver #
  • @nate_downey you're missing out! in reply to nate_downey #
  • Thanks you, Beyaz, for letting me know that pregnancy or kids means no house, grad school, or trips. #reallybadadvertising #
  • Want to read public confrontation done right? Read The Radical Gospel, Defiant and Free #
  • listen to a model Christ-centered sermon from @MarkDever on the book of Job #
  • disagree with almost every part of this article There's nothing at all appropriate about winning 108-3 #
  • want an idea how bad Flash is? Watching Amazon VOD in Parallels running Windows XP works better than Chrome on my Mac #
  • "My limitation as an artist is only met with this greater grace of Jesus who would fill the empty places" #
  • @sneakernews great article on the AJ2011. Gotta get someone at Nike to start selling high-quality prints of those design sketches! #
  • Christian relativism at its worst. @CTmagazine shouldn't be publishing stories like this #
  • @CTmagazine that article has serious theological errors in it, particular last paragraph. the Mag should know better in reply to CTmagazine #

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Christian Relativism in the pages of Christianity Today

Much ink has been spilled in the past saying that Christianity Today has moved away from its evangelical roots as founded by Carl Henry. The hatchet job on Al Mohler is one recent example. The content is generally iffy but there is some good material. That’s why the article published today “Why We Opened Our Church to Muslims” is so distressing. In the article, a so-called evangelical pastor of a so-called evangelical-church writes that “who am I to say that they (practicing Muslims) do not worship the one true God according to their understanding?” Well, I would say that because the Bible says that in John 14:6

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Steve Stone, the author of the article, is flat-out wrong to say that Muslims worship the one true God because the one true God is triune and Muslims do not believe that. He is leading his church down a dangerous path with this false teaching. It is unfortunate that CT gave him a platform for this error and hopefully there will be an appropriately biblical response/rebuke in an upcoming article.