Twitter Updates for 2011-02-24

  • @nate_downey personal space invader. Sounds like a fun video game in reply to nate_downey #
  • "Wear your Sunday best b/c God is pleased when you dress up." No, He's not. Saying so is anti-gospel. // from #
  • How can I add my API info into @chromedeck? #
  • @stevekmccoy I fully support this. Thoughts as to next steps? Would love to try this out in Ann Arbor in reply to stevekmccoy #
  • @stevekmccoy on the need for, and necessity of, open-air preaching // The Gospel in the Open-Air Again #
  • Leviticus 22-25 God makes no distinctions between natives and immigrants. #
  • @echofon, any thoughts on making a Chrome app/extension? Would love to use echofon on all platforms (iphone, Mac, chromebook) #
  • dear @facebook, when I ignore 30 friend recommendations on the sidebar, don't show me any more from that friend. Thank you #
  • Worst navbar ever The abbreviations for the sports are incomprehensible #
  • @soapko that would actually be kind of a fun job in reply to soapko #
  • Transformers 3D glasses, too bad they're for kids only #
  • @timmybrister & yet, @ same time, I think social media/ease of publishing, can make discouragement in ministry much easier than it used 2 B in reply to timmybrister #
  • Never cease to be amazed at the sleaze on #
  • @onfaith Where's the actual gospel in the Social "Gospel" that Thistlethwaite advocates? in reply to onfaith #
  • @onfaith Don't get how concern for human dignity requires collective bargaining. I'm more concerned about a state unable to pay its bills in reply to onfaith #

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