Twitter Updates for 2011-03-21

  • one of the most beautiful songs to ever open an album is The Prodigal from Sons and Daughers #
  • "An insurrection against an infinitely worthy Creator is an infinitely heinous offense" from @drmoore at #
  • anyone looking to split a room @TGC national conference in April? I have a room less than a mile from the venue. DM me #
  • @timmybrister one of the reasons my son's middle name is Tychicus. in reply to timmybrister #
  • @timmybrister I want him to reflect on the godly legacy that "beloved brother and faithful minister and fellow servant" left in reply to timmybrister #
  • the madden and SI cover jinxes are nothing more than the law of averages. All things up must come down #
  • @jgschaef there is nothing worse that listening to yourself speak. Unless, of course, you're James Earl Jones, in which case it's awesome! in reply to jgschaef #

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