Twitter Updates for 2011-04-06

  • @reGospel you seem to be very patient which is great. Continued discussion should force clarifications (hopefully) in reply to reGospel #
  • looking for panaromic photos of #Annarbor for website project. Recommendations? Creative Commons licensing preferred #
  • @soapko wow, that is one angry cloud in reply to soapko #
  • @nicknye seriously, is the Midwest ever going to see sun? Ya'lls weather looks just like ours in reply to nicknye #
  • one of the primary reasons I'll never own an Android tablet is the stupid food names. Use version numbers. Please. #
  • RT @jwritebol: I continue to believe that parish model of dividing & organizing UR city can B effective means of evangelism & pastoral care #
  • @jwritebol requires relinquishing too much control. Leadership may find out (SHOCK) that they aren't the mediator & power, Jesus is! in reply to jwritebol #
  • @jwritebol Agree, but I don't think churches should divide city between themselves (Baptist on west, Presby on south, etc) in reply to jwritebol #
  • @jwritebol love to see cooperation between churches in common geographic areas. Partnering for mercy ministry, etc in reply to jwritebol #
  • @jwritebol No beef there. I also see value in an indiv. church looking at its city as indiv. parishes for purposes of releasing body 4 min. in reply to jwritebol #
  • @jwritebol what problem are you seeing that "parishes" helps to address? #

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