Twitter Updates for 2011-04-08

  • @stevekmccoy & got me thinking. Planning 2 attend Adult Ed classes @ liberal, "gospel-less" church in A2. Pls pray #
  • @stevekmccoy will do. If you have time next week at TGC, would love to hear any lessons you've learned from your time at catholic group in reply to stevekmccoy #
  • @jwritebol whaha? Guess the inaugural class of ReTrain got the traditional Storms look 🙂 in reply to jwritebol #
  • just read "The House Church Way of Life" by @jimelliff at & I think my whole paradigm for church planting has shifted. #
  • awesome Red Sox Photo Story #
  • First website I've seen that requires Flash 10 #
  • companies need 2 realize that it's a problem 4 their product pages 2 require Flash 2 display pictures of a product @underarmour @luckybrand #
  • would love a twitter client that doesn't show me retweets of tweets of people I already follow #

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