Twitter Updates for 2011-04-12

  • @darrenrovell b in reply to darrenrovell #
  • arrived in Chi-town. Excited about #tgc11 tomorrow. Praying for a good gospel witness on the South Side over the next few days. #
  • @Joel_lindsey I have space. Tim Brister was supposed to stay w/ me but he couldn't make it. DM me for my phone number in reply to Joel_lindsey #
  • @JonMcIntosh typically is cheapest. I would suggest getting a hard drive enclosure and drive separately. Future-proof in reply to JonMcIntosh #
  • @Joel_lindsey follow me so I can DM you back #
  • @MikeHanafee would love to connect in Chitown. If we can't near home, might as well in another state! in reply to MikeHanafee #
  • Love walking in big cities. Great way to start a day. #
  • So far khakis are trumping skinny jeans at #tgc11 Rise up hipsters! #
  • Any #retrain peeps at #tgc11 #
  • Excite to hear of The Gospel Coalition 2012 conference for women. Gotta start planning now to send Julie to Orlando in June 2011 #
  • @echofon I'm getting Incorrect Signature errors on my iPhone #
  • At a conference panel. No camcorders used for recording, only high end digital "cameras" #
  • The relative anonymity of "name" people at #tgc11 is a good reminder of the glory due Christ and not man #

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