Twitter Updates for 2011-04-13

  • Keller's talk from #tgc11 is a masterpiece. #
  • great opp to pick @stevekmccoy's brain about evangelism in the "synagogue". Very excited about its implications for Ann Arbor #
  • grateful for God's gift of the Internet & how it enables the publication & distribution of any & all good & gospel-centered writing. #
  • @mikeyanderson I have a buddy who used Numbers for just that. Hit up @soapko in reply to mikeyanderson #
  • The large format Four Gospels book from @CrosswayBooks is beautiful. If I had scratch for one splurge. #
  • Lady at McDonalds this morning ordered medium coffee with 9 sugars and 4 creams. Is that even coffee? #
  • @JonMcIntosh Jonathan Leeman's Reverberation has good thoughts on that as well in reply to JonMcIntosh #
  • Great word from @TrevinWax "@9MarksOnline and @Acts29News are back to back, fighting together against different foes" #

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