Twitter Updates for 2011-04-17

  • Using Charlie Sheen, a serial adulterer and drug user, in any way to promote your church is shameful. Period. #
  • @nardle I don't doubt that some praised and then condemned. in reply to nardle #
  • @nardle But the common practice of guilting people into "loving Jesus more" by telling them they would have denied Christ is anti-gospel. in reply to nardle #
  • the church should be the most hospitable collection of people on earth. Rarely is that the case. Want to fix that quickly? … #
  • when you meet someone at church for the first time, invite them over for lunch. BOOM! #
  • "trying to unite or attract people to my church through some point of natural affinity or gifting means (contd) #
  • "I’m potentially relying on the power of people’s idols to build my church." Jonathan Leeman in Reverberation #

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