Twitter Updates for 2011-05-23

  • "There’s a cruelty underlying our desire to laugh at this story (Harold Camping and the recent May 21 "rapture" hype) #
  • —a desire 2 C people humiliated & 2 revel in our own superiority & rationality" convicting piece from Tiffany Stanley #
  • "The most persuasive falsehoods are always the ones that contain the greatest proportion of the truth" Timothy Dalrymple #
  • amazing article from @cnnsi about the tornado in Tuscaloosa. Weeping while I read it #
  • humble, repentant leadership is very rare. That's why this ( Covenant Life Church & @harrisjosh is so helpful. #
  • @billstreger Before work (4:45 a.m.) in reply to billstreger #
  • @zenbe, when are line breaks on web interface going to be fixed? It's ridiculous that items can be multiline on iPone app but not on web #
  • RT @jimelliff: New(?) Exec Sec of KY leads ch w 1,890 res members & ave worship at 852 (incls guests/childr). Illus change needed for SBC #
  • Can @droplistapp be changed so that the name of the folder in @dropbox is something more specific to the app? Maybe DropList? #

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