Twitter Updates for 2011-06-06

  • There is no bigger ripoff than online ordering from @homedepot. $14 to ship 2 items. #
  • @HomeDepot nope. Items were specifically listed as not available for free shipping. Just seems like a lot of shipping for small items in reply to HomeDepot #
  • bummed to hear that our basement shower has to be completely rebuilt. Now it's a few years of 1 bathroom for 5 people #
  • @timmybrister Calvinistic – 4 or 4.5 points; "broadly Reformed" – doctrines of grace, may or may not paedobaptize. in reply to timmybrister #
  • @timmybrister I don't think Calvinist is a very helpful term. Too closely identifies with a man and sounds somewhat pejorative in reply to timmybrister #
  • @CounterKicks definitely doesn't look like a signature shoe, but more of a team one in reply to CounterKicks #
  • I hope the new iCloud stuff doesn't require me to keep all my photos on Albums. Events is a much better way to organize them #

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