Twitter Updates for 2011-09-15

  • just the smattering of tweets from #gcm2011 last night means I'm most def going next year #
  • if I see one more commercial on @hulu telling me to vote for the American Jobs Act… #
  • "He may be a hypocrite; but if the man tells you that 2+2=4, then you might want to listen to him" #
  • Pat Robertson doesn't speak for Christians. Period. His latest horror is gospel-denying #
  • Pat Robertson doesn't speak for Christians. His latest horror is gospel-denying sin masquerading as spiritual advice #
  • RT @timmybrister: Baptism isn;t evanglcal commodity that indiv. can partake apart from meaningful inclusion & corporate identity in kingdom. #
  • "Godly wife, woman, mother & friend" is a great post on gospel identity from Grace Driscoll #
  • @timmybrister next time make them shorter so they can be more easily retweeted 🙂 in reply to timmybrister #
  • @billstreger for those of us newer to the game, what's a good resource to lear about the Kuyperian worldview? in reply to billstreger #
  • @tedolsen @timmybrister I see diff between scheduled, "spontaneous" baptism and spontaneous baptism in reply to tedolsen #
  • @billstreger cool, thanks. So, roughly, neo-calvinism = kuyperian? in reply to billstreger #
  • @timmybrister a discussion of the handling of both ordinances (Lord's Supper and baptism) would make interesting blog posts #

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