Twitter Updates for 2011-10-27

  • Don't say your church is full of hypocrites. Hypocrites don't actually believe what they say they believe #
  • That's a completely different thing than messing up or not being perfect. #
  • @lampmode not yet, unfortunately in reply to lampmode #
  • this is why you should buy an iPHone and not an Android device. Look at the update support for each #
  • @AnnArborBridges Contacting churches that will likely be directly affected would be nice. Specifically thinking of @gracebiblea2 in reply to AnnArborBridges #
  • IF you have Amazon Prime and aren't watching "Better off Ted" on Prime Instant Video, you're missing out #
  • RT @JohnPiper: The avg. Twin Cities wedding costs over $22K. Pastors, kill this. Tell them to keep it simple. Opulence is not love. // BOOM #
  • @robberreth Remember that my forbearance/patience is nothing compared to Christ's. If I can't exasperate him, my kids shouldn't me. in reply to robberreth #
  • time at home recovering from surgery is going to feature a lot of MI-5/Spooks episodes. If you don't watch it, start. #

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