Twitter Updates for 2011-11-12

  • House to myself this weekend. Need movie recommendations. Hit me up twittersphere #
  • Dear @bigtennetwork, please come up with a solution where I can watch ALL the games for my school on iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV #
  • my opinion of hoops shoes is quite colored by my experiencing playing in them. For that reason, Jordan XIs get no love from me. #
  • @jchrisland thanks. Saw it in the theater and liked it. in reply to jchrisland #
  • Best wishes to an incredibly talented cat @soapko. Don't be a stranger and throw that #heistparty soon! #
  • Don't let anyone tell you #ultraviolet DRM is a good thing #can #039;tloadmoviesintoiTunes #
  • @FlixsterUVHelp but not offering the ability for videos to live in iTunes so I can watch them on my AppleTV is a non-starter in reply to FlixsterUVHelp #
  • The Bible speaks to just about everything in life, surprisingly enough even how churches should be organized, function, and live. #
  • @drantbradley great example of putting familiar responsibilities first in reply to drantbradley #

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