Twitter Updates for 2012-01-24

  • @nate_downey sad thing is most people think only they and those very alike them are valuable in reply to nate_downey #
  • everytime I see the State of the Union speech referred to as SOTU, I think of something else #
  • @darrenrovell those people are idiots. in reply to darrenrovell #
  • @jason_hampton delicate balance because people need to remember that words matter and most live like they don't in reply to jason_hampton #
  • almost all local church conflicts are because we don't take the Bible seriously enough. If we did, we'd be humble, contrite and loving … #
  • while we content for right doctrine and truth #
  • I'm interested as to what James McDonald's "methodological convictions" were that caused him to resign from @TGC #

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