Twitter Updates for 2012-02-15

  • not to brag on my wife, but she did leave me a box of chocolates with notes in my lunch bag. Love you sweetie! #
  • @DustinNickerson I'd go so far as to say a requirement of church membership is regular service in kid's ministry by fathers in reply to DustinNickerson #
  • @DustinNickerson A dad that doesn't want to would have to demonstrate to me how he's leading his family spiritually outside of Sunday. in reply to DustinNickerson #
  • @DustinNickerson it's likely that unwillingness to serve w/ kids on "Sunday" mirrors apathy w/ regard to spiritual leadership at home in reply to DustinNickerson #
  • the @theResurgence redesign looks nice, but no content until 845 pixels from the top is problematic #
  • thankful for the Spirit's prompting to pray with a co-worker who's mother is in a coma. #
  • So, it's bad that @ricksantorum voted to ban antipersonnel landmines? // #conservativescanbeidiotstoo #
  • Christianity = authority + identity. God is our authority and our identity comes from Him, thru His Son, by His Spirit. #
  • Jeremy Lin should forever put to death the racist stereotype that all asians are deferential, introverted, worker-bees. #
  • "Gambling is a form of economic predation. Gambling grinds the faces of the poor into the ground" @drmoore #
  • @jwritebol praying for you brother in reply to jwritebol #
  • Try to convince me the Episcopal church in the US is Christian when they sell a church building to become a mosque #
  • I have no problem with @ricksantorum saying "Birth control harms women" because it does. #
  • It produces a cavalier attitude about sex and encourages an expectation that we can control everything about everything #
  • @BrandonSmith85 In all instances, no, but in many yes. in reply to BrandonSmith85 #

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