Twitter Updates for 2012-03-23

  • Two emails this week from people who found the website for our potential church plant and they want to chat. God may be telling me something #
  • I'm meh on the return of Mad Men. Flawed characters are fine, but staying in their flaws isn't enjoyable tv for me. Now Sons of Anarchy OTOH #
  • I really dig the Tron Legacy soundtrack. Too bad every movie nowadays is using it for their trailers #
  • @soapko Plus, the paid/non-ad model will drastically reduce a user's bandwidth use. That's why I wish I could pay for no ads on all my apps in reply to soapko #
  • "Progressive JPEGs = large JPEG job in the iPad Retina Display" #beautifulimageryontheipad #
  • @jwritebol Burn to DVD using iMovie? in reply to jwritebol #
  • @jwritebol Do you have the old version of iMovie? iMovie 6/HD will do it. I've done it a bunch in reply to jwritebol #
  • @jwritebol Me neither. That's why I keep iMovie HD around. in reply to jwritebol #

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