Twitter Updates for 2012-04-20

  • @soapko TGIF! in reply to soapko #
  • @soapko design should be natural, not invisible. What is beautiful is never invisible in reply to soapko #
  • If SBC really wants to impact public policy, they should close ERLC and use it's $3.236 million budget to fund MD/DC/VA church planters #
  • Imagine how much kingdom impact, and public policy impact, would be made by gospel-centered churches saturating our nation's capital area #
  • I'm much more comfortable reading a book by a Christian author if I know where he/she is a church member. Anyone else feel that way? #
  • @billstreger I also appreciate that he called @joelosteen's message Satanic. That resonates with people much better than heretical in reply to billstreger #

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