Twitter Updates for 2012-05-02

  • Hey @nicknye, 2 #AnnArbor churches have sent planting teams 2 C'bus. When will y'all return favor? Would love @sojournnetwork church up here #
  • All three kids in bed by 7pm #parentsforthewin #
  • Marketer of the Year: whoever convinced people that SnapBack hats are fashionable #badfashiontrends #
  • Marketer of the Decade: Whoever convinced people that skinny jeans are a good look. They aren't. No one looks good in them. #
  • @SupplyThePulpit sure, provided they're pretty local to Ann Arbor, MI in reply to SupplyThePulpit #
  • @soapko that's why I 1) don't actually show status updates for anyone on FB and 2) regularly cull my Twitter account down to essentials in reply to soapko #
  • @soapko I still read a lot of RSS feeds, but they're all rather quick skims. in reply to soapko #
  • @soapko I wish there was a good Twitter + RSS client that wouldn't show me tweets that point to Blogs that I already subscribe to in reply to soapko #
  • @soapko or a Twitter client that wouldn't show me RT of twitter feeds I already subscribe to. in reply to soapko #
  • @soapko or, best of all, a visual representation of RSS feeds and Tweets showing me which ones I pay the most attention to in reply to soapko #

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