Twitter Updates for 2012-05-08

  • A couple is adopting a child in Oakland County, MI and needs a place to stay in early June for 2-3 weeks. If you can help, let me know. #
  • When your lightbulb needs a cooling system, you're on the wrong track #
  • "assume that everyone who ever hears you preach is both very intelligent and very uneducated" from @MarkDever in #
  • @jimelliff A great benefit of that practice is you get "muscle memory" about where particular verses are physically on the page in reply to jimelliff #
  • @Matt_Svoboda I think I might have found a housing option. Can I get your email addy so I can sent details? in reply to Matt_Svoboda #
  • My dream: a Mac app that handles both Twitter & RSS that hides tweets for web pages I already read and vice-versa #callingMacDevelopers #
  • @apparentsoft Is there much integration between Twitter & Google Reader in Socialite? Want app that hides tweets of blog posts that I read. #
  • @apparentsoft OK, thanks. I can keep dreaming. in reply to apparentsoft #
  • @apparentsoft I'd be more than willing to beta test it, should you decide it would be a good addition to Socialist. in reply to apparentsoft #

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