Twitter Updates for 2012-05-09

  • Grateful for Christianity Today and @outofur for publishing more articles with bad theology so I can reduce my email and twitter loads #
  • Anyone interested in reclaiming a decaying church building in Ann Arbor for gospel expansion? #annarborneedsthegospel #
  • It's so hard to tell what agenda ESPN has with regards to Nebraska coach Ron Brown #sarcasm #
  • I'm a sucker for rock bands w/ front-women. Super pumped about the new Garbage album. Listen here #
  • @pdavidy8 Birds of a megachurch feather flock together. When methodology doesn't matter anymore, you go for the best speakers #
  • @pdavidy8 No "big name" is willing to take the chance on a major conference w/ a lot of "no name" speakers, which is unfortunate in reply to pdavidy8 #
  • @pdavidy8 I would go to a conference from org I back even if I knew none of the speakers. I doubt many are like me in reply to pdavidy8 #
  • @pdavidy8 totally agree. At least with T4G some of the main speakers pastor small churches, even if their influence is pretty large in reply to pdavidy8 #
  • @timmybrister Prob is people don't quickly enough see new Christian as a bro/sis in Christ & respond w/ corresponding affection and care in reply to timmybrister #

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