Twitter Updates for 2012-05-11

  • RT @goincase:#warehouse #sale in Chino, CA this Saturday. // Any SoCal cats wanna hook a brother up? #
  • @JoshCousineau where are you seeing that? in reply to JoshCousineau #
  • @JoshCousineau I don't follow him anymore but that is super creepy and worldly in reply to JoshCousineau #
  • "Visible results are deeply deceptive for the preacher of God’s word" from The Archer and the Arrow #
  • In the service of "common sense" & practicality, much American church life & practice actively works against living as family. #
  • That includes multiple services, multi-site, multiple music styles in different services, adult ed by age, & lots of weeknight activities #
  • How a church lives & operates imprints on its members that DNA and they see it as normative, no matter how contrary to Scripture it may be. #
  • That's the reason ecclesiology and methodology aren't neutral: they do teach something. Pastors, remember that. #
  • Churches help teach "dying to self" when they intentionally structure in opposition to personal preferences, like geographic small groups. #
  • Time Mag clueless as usual on religion. Calling someone with a Catholic upbringing "evangelical"? Come on #
  • @JoshCousineau I meant that geo small groups are in opposition to personal preferences. I reread the tweet and I can see the confusion in reply to JoshCousineau #
  • Churches help teach "dying to self" when they intentionally structure in opposition to personal preferences (geographic small groups vs PYO) #
  • @JoshCousineau yep, particularly if you're in an older neighborhood. I love the fact that I grew up with the kids of my now neighbors in reply to JoshCousineau #
  • @soapko If you're adding hinting, you may want to add some winking and nudging as well. in reply to soapko #
  • Check this: Adobe doesn't support Photoshop AT ALL when saving to a networked file server. Whahaa? #
  • @pdavidy8 did you hear about E! TV doing a special on Tebow with no involvement from him? Weird in reply to pdavidy8 #
  • @edstetzer Many preachers seem to shun explicit gospel proc. on Mom's Day = bad day for Mom's to invite their lost kids to hear gospel in reply to edstetzer #
  • This is gov't money well spent. Maybe 200 yards from our churches building #

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