Twitter Updates for 2012-06-19

  • @stevekmccoy obviously a lot of people haven't looked at the #sbc12 app cause it makes clear the hash is #sbc12 in reply to stevekmccoy #
  • The hash tag isn't #SBC2012 or #SBCnola it's #SBC12 #
  • Children of the 80s rejoice – the Red Dawn remake has a release date #
  • hey @soapko, huge accident at 14/23 split. Might want to try another way #
  • Hey Flash websites, if you have a non-Flash version & don't automatically redirect users w/o Flash to it, fix that now. @cloversites #
  • Really good word from @ChrisBrauns about painting a "Christ-centered picture of the future" #
  • I love that Brauns' family has decided which tree they'll meet at "on the other side" #
  • Nike is CRAZY to think that Darrell Revis will move the needle w/ sneaker sales @snkrconsultants @darrenrovell #
  • Anyone out there who can work in HTML5, give me a holler. Got a line on a project for ya @astralzebra @danklyn Shawn Pyle #
  • My wife bought a new pair of @asicsamerica GT-2170 but laces are too short. Can I buy new ones that match the color of originals? #
  • My wish for the next Mac Pro: Only Thunderbolt and USB 3 ports. Think of the engineering marvel you could do around that #
  • .@albertmohler is rockin quite the nice suit today #

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