Twitter Updates for 2012-07-24

  • @saltcityhoops np. Glad to pass it along in reply to saltcityhoops #
  • @saltcityhoops I think it's a sales catalog and that website just posts them for vendors to see. in reply to saltcityhoops #
  • @support, the username @chrisb is inactive. How can I claim it? #
  • @LandstedeBasket I'm a big Zack Novak fan. Is there a way for US people to purchase his jersey? #
  • Rewatching our wedding with my lovely bride in our anniversary. 58 minutes, 4 congregational songs, gospel-centered message, all 2 His glory #
  • @darrenrovell @umich you should do a tweetup when you're in town. in reply to darrenrovell #
  • The "Barack's Birthday" ads are more than tacky. You're the president, don't hock yourself like a C-list celebrity #
  • @LandstedeBasket Will do. Best of luck with your upcoming season in reply to LandstedeBasket #
  • If you're reading "Fifty Shades of Grey", don't. There's no excuse to read pornographic material like that. Seriously, it's porn. #
  • If the NBA wants to put ads on their unis, go for it. There's nothing sacred about an advertiser-free shirt or shorts #
  • The traits of Steve Jobs aspired to by the acolytes camp are completely at odds with Christianity #don #039;tbelikesteve #
  • "If you’re going to fail at building something … fail at building the xxxxxx iPad. Don’t fail at building children.” #
  • @jwritebol IF he followed all our twitter bashing last week, 10 minutes under in reply to jwritebol #

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