Twitter Updates for 2012-07-26

  • @panic now that Mountain Lion is out, any chance Transmit will be updated to allow Favorites syncing over iCloud? #
  • @21Mercer Are you doing phone orders for the Ice FuelBand? in reply to 21Mercer #
  • upcoming NFL season is first in a very long time that I'm not playing fantasy football. I'm looking forward to ignoring the NFL again #
  • come on @bigtennetwork, media days is the perfect time to announce B1G app that streams fball and bball games to iOS and AppleTV #
  • @darrenrovell when will brands realize that "action" shots like that do a terrible job of actually presenting the jersey? in reply to darrenrovell #
  • @jwritebol Dropbox for me. 1) quote increases happen often 2) iCloud locks your files down to that particular app. in reply to jwritebol #
  • @BigTenNetwork Right, but you have to have a provider who offers that. You need something like MLB.TV. I'd pay $20/month for B1G.TV in reply to BigTenNetwork #
  • @jwritebol Safari for personal, Chrome for work in reply to jwritebol #
  • @jwritebol @jwritebol We use Gmail for work and it has a lot of hooks into Chrome that it doesn't into Safari. in reply to jwritebol #
  • @jwritebol However, I don't like Flash in my browser so I don't install it and then use Safari. Plus, I use iCloud for bookmark syncing in reply to jwritebol #
  • @soapko Copy or Dropbox, could be a dilemma. Who's behind Copy? #
  • My dad just got asked to teach the University of Michigan Football Team how to sing "The Victors." While we're on vacation! #
  • From a skateboarder's perspective, I completely understand the appeal of a show w/ stitchless toe. However, it just looks odd from above #
  • Thanks to a surreptitious @twitter sneak peak this morning, I may have insight into some new cloud goodness/possibly greatness. #copy #
  • Don't be fooled: the P'Zolo from @pizzahut is terrible #

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