Twitter Updates for 2012-09-10

  • Last year I draft Matt Ryan, he does nothing. This year, when I'm not playing fantasy, he blows up first week #gofigure #
  • @mden any chance you'll stock the M socks that the football team wore on Saturday? #
  • At the @UPS store 5 minutes after they open and of course I'm behind the guy shipping 10 packages #
  • Pastors, EVERY TIME you preach, I'm pleading with you to make a big deal of Jesus. There is nothing your church needs more. #
  • @TheUPSStoreCare I have now had 2 experiences of getting bumped in line for other customers. That's ridiculous. in reply to TheUPSStoreCare #
  • @TheUPSStoreCare the only reason I'm here is cause the shipping is free but next time I'm paying for it myself instead of dealing with this. in reply to TheUPSStoreCare #
  • @TheUPSStoreCare also, the store I'm at (4295) has a radio station on where the DJs are talking about fetish porn. Unacceptable. in reply to TheUPSStoreCare #
  • @techcrunch the first few times I visit your site each day no images load. Why is that? #

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