Jesus Storybook Bible Videos

One of my favorite Bibles is the Jesus Storybook Bible. Yes, I realize it’s for kids, but it’s an amazing presentation of the truth of Scripture and of Jesus’ centrality to the story of history. We read it with Malachi almost every night and I look forward to the day when he can read it to us.

Recently I was alerted to videos of each chapter of the book. Check them out below. You don’t need a password, just click Submit.

  1. The Story & The Song (a story a week)
  2. The Beginning
  3. The Terrible Lie
  4. A New Beginning
  5. A Giant Staircase to Heaven
  6. Son of Laughter
  7. The Present
  8. The Girl No One Wanted
  9. The Forgiving Prince
  10. God to the rescue!
  11. God Makes a Way
  12. Ten ways to be perfect
  13. The Warrior Leader
  14. The Teenie, Teenie … True King
  15. The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant
  16. The Good Shepherd
  17. A Servant Girl and the Proud General
  18. Operation “No More Tears!”
  19. Daniel and the Scary Sleepover
  20. God’s Messenger
  21. Get Ready!
  22. He’s Here!
  23. The King of all Kings
  24. Heaven Breaks Through
  25. Let’s Go
  26. How To Pray
  27. The Singer
  28. Friend of Little Children
  29. Running Away
  30. The Servant King
  31. A Dark Night in the Garden
  32. The Sun Stops Shining

He’s Here